How to Find the Best Creative Commons Image Sites

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Images are an essential part of your e-commerce store, blog, business, and many others. You will need high-quality images that relate to your business. How do you find the best creative commons image site? You can easily find out the best images for your business from premium sites.

But, they usually charge huge amounts for a single image. It’s costly to purchase photos of $10-$20 for every blog post, product, or marketing campaign. Fortunately, there are some websites where you can find the best creative commons image for FREE or for a small one-time fee such as Primestocks.

The creative common images are published under CCO license as ‘no rights reserved.’ Anyone can use and edit these images either for commercial or other purposes. In this post, we will give you a list of the best creative commons image sites.

Best Creative Commons Image Sties

  1. Pexels

You can get creative commons images for any topic on this website. Pexels has big storage of images. There are more than 3.2 million free stock images on pexels. You can easily search and find the best photos for your e-commerce site, blogs, etc.

While downloading the images, you can also select the size of the image. There is an option to customize the size of pictures on pexels. Pexels has a wide range of images. But, there are only a few results for some niches. Like if you search ‘propane tank’, then you will not find relevant pictures for the keyword. 

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The pikwi can also be a good website to find creative commons images. There are more than 1 million images on this website. You will get too many options to choose from. You can search a keyword or phrase and find the images that you are looking for.

But, some images on this website are premium. You will need to pay for the premium images. You will find the word ‘premium’ on the upper left side of the image. Avoid these types of images if you are looking for free images.

Flickr is also a popular site for free stock images. The website claims that there are more than 10 billion photos on this website. But, there is one issue with this website. Not every image is free on this website.

After searching the image, you will see the text ‘any license’ on the top left side of the website. Click on that text and select ‘All creative commons’ from the dropdown menu. After that, you can find free images. As some rights are reserved for every image, you have to give credit to the image author.

The nappy is not a popular site for royalty-free images. But, it can be a better option for images of black and brown people. All images available on this website are free. But, there are no more options for images. It’s hard to find pictures for some keywords on this website.

Final Verdict

We hope this post will help you to find the best stock-free images for your business and other purposes. But if you are interested in getting access to more than ten million (10M) Commercially Licensed stock resources for a small one-time fee, PrimeStocks has the best offer in the market.