Backlinks: It’s Not as Difficult as You Think

backlinks in SEO

A backlink is one of the foremost used words within the world of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Many bloggers who have only recently started a blog or an internet site often struggle to understand the term Backlinks and how to implement it smartly.

First, it simply means “an Incoming hyperlink from one webpage to a different website.”

Importance of Backlinks

Backlinks are especially valuable for SEO because they represent a “Vote of Confidence” from one site to a different site. In essence, backlinks to your websites are an indication to Search Engines that others vouch for your content.

If many sites link to the identical webpage or website, the search engines’ programmes can infer that content is worth linking to, and thus also worth surfacing on a Search Engine Result Page (SERP). So earning these backlinks can have a positive effect on a site’s ranking position or search visibility.

Below we show the way to create backlinks and it isn’t as difficult as you’re thinking. There are lots of methods for backlinks but we discuss the foremost attractive and important ones.

Guest Posting

First thing first: Let’s define our terms. “Guest Post” means writing or publishing an article on someone else’s website or blog.

Guest posting builds relationships with other bloggers. Relation through guest posting provides you with the opportunity to enter other bloggers’ circle which can ultimately cause more blog subscribers.

In guest postings, the host bloggers must include a do-follow backlink to your blog within the post. These backlinks will raise the value of your blog to search engines, making your content easier to search out via Google, Yahoo, Bing and others.

As Khan, an SEO programme specialist opined when it involves SEO, guest posting on other sites is five times as valuable as creating new content on your own site.

Here are some methods to search out websites which allows guest posting

• Your Keyword+ Submit a guest post

• Your Keyword+ Write for us

• Your Keyword+ Contribute

• Your Keyword+ Submit an editorial

• Your Keyword+ Guest posting

News Websites

Despite the very fact that this can be not really a normal method to construct backlinks, it’s a methodology that provides outcomes whenever used wisely. There are numerous locales that distribute for nothing or for charge news declarations and official statements by the top News Sites in Nigeria.

An expertly composed public statement around a critical occasion can bring you a great many, numerous guests and therefore the backlinks from the regarded top news site to your SEO endeavors.

Backlinks taking for viral release of top news sites create traffic which isn’t for months only except for a few years to come back. Kumar, an SEO specialist, and associate of mine agrees that Backlinks from top news sites are playing an important role within the link building strategy.

Take note that while pitching your guest posts to news sites, as good as your content might be, if the do-follow link is not included in the published article on the website, your backlink strategy won’t materialize.

NOTE: In simple terms, the do-follow link tells the search engines that the website with the content is giving the link and anchor text some juice in respect to rankings and value. No-follow link, of course, means no juice should be given. If the content is valuable, the news sites might be willing to use it but more often than not, you will have to pay for them to allow this.

Websites of Competitors

Start by identifying the highest ten sites for every keyword you wish to rank for. Do a google search and pick the highest 10 domains. Then you’ll seek opportunities to contribute a guest post which must include a do-follow link. Alternatively, you’ll take a more thorough approach by analyzing the backlinks to specific URLs that are ranking for every of your target keywords, rather than the domain as a whole.

For example, we would like to rank for “Top News Sites in Nigeria”.

• The very first thing we’d see after, trying to find the subject.

• Then “Sanity check” these results for relevance, duplication.

• Then take the domain over to Ahrefs and drop them into the Link Interest Tool.

• Click to “Show Link Opportunities”. this may show you an inventory of the top News sites in Nigeria that link to all or any of the domains you entered.

• You can filter by removing the less likely candidates.

Once you are done, you’ll seek for opportunities to work out these sites and submit your guest posts.


Link building isn’t as hard as the majority think. Most businesses can build some great links without having to take a position in new content. My advice? Give these tactics a trial and see which work best for your site.

Whether or not you merely have an hour approximately per day, you must still be ready to make some progress and built some decent backlinks. Let me know your thoughts in the comment section.

Why You Might Be Failing at Backlinks


There are several reasons one might fail in creating an effective link-building strategy. New startup online platforms venturing into this strategy often have no comprehensive knowledge about backlinks., which might end up leading to their failure.

Before getting into any top backlink strategy, it is best to learn the basics of link building. Even if the strategy took you a while to finally understand, it will save you from making future mistakes that might lead to Google penalizing you.

To succeed in using the link building strategy, you should be able to avoid making mistakes that include:

  • Desist from paid links

One of the main reason why people fail in using the link-building strategy is paying for links. Don’t pay money for the link-building strategy. Keep your hard-earned money inside your pocket and find the strategy that works best for you.

  • Desist from link exchange

Before this strategy was one of the best as someone who owns a blog or website will want to exchange links between their blog and yours.  However, Google sees this strategy as spam and might result in a certain penalty once they detect it.

  • Guest blogging (poor or plagiarized content)

Guest blogging is a popular way to combine SEO and backlinks strategy for an accurate result. However, when the guest post on the blogs is plagiarized contents, it can lead to Google marking your website as spam. It doesn’t end here, even if your website contents is not plagiarized but of low-quality writing, you will also face a penalty from Google. However, when you have quality and unique content on your blogs,  you have a high chance for your website ranking high on (SERP) search engine result page.

  • Poor strategy

If you don’t have a link building strategy or the one you have is not working properly, you might end up failing. So, before moving forward with link-building, try to research further and determine what is currently effective in the backlink market.

  • Not Using Social Media

Combining backlinks strategy with other ideas can earn you some benefits. Social media is very versatile will a massive number of people using it every day. It is the reason why you should build a good profile and establish your marketing strategy on one of those platforms. You can achieve this by arranging informative and unique posts regularly to earn some genuine followers.

  • Neglecting your social media followers

It is without a doubt that social media brings out the best opportunity for link builders. However, you should try to have spare time for interacting with your followers and not focusing on posting links every time. Not giving much attention will result in you not getting much traffic.

  • Buying backlinks

Buying backlinks is very bad and can result in you not having control over website content. It will lead to the loosing of your followers as well as failing in the link building strategy.

  • Keyword stuffing

Most of the news sites in Nigeria with quality blogs make use of Search Engine Optimized-keywords in creating their website contents. However, inaccurate use of SEO keywords can result in keyword stuffing affecting your blog or website ranking in Search Engine Result Pages (SERP).


To overcome failure in link-building, implementing a positive strategy along with the basic knowledge of backlinks is important. Once the process is genuine, it doesn’t matter the method of link-building you decide to use because when it’s accurately done, a positive result will surface. Lastly, always evaluate the website you use their links to be on a step away from the Google penalty.

Back to Basics of Backlinks

Link Building, Paid Guest Posts

Link building is very popular today with a process of linking one website links to another. SEO services are also dependent on the uses of backlinks as it helps in boosting the reputation of a website.

Most of the top news sites in Nigeria make use of backlinks in their SEO strategy to improve their website rankings in search engines. With the use of backlinks, even new websites can gain a valuable reputation.

Moreover, when a massive number of people start visiting the webpage or website via the linked site, there’s a huge opportunity that the content will surface on SERP (search engine result page). It’s a great opportunity for website owners because marketers only value pages that appear on “SERP.”

With good backlinks, the position, ranking, and visibility of a website can be improved.

Link building is a very competitive strategy that is being implemented by a massive number of blogs and websites around the globe, which increases the complexity of the results.  However, with the link building basics, every website owners can take a step into backlinks, which includes:

  • Choose and evaluate the right website

Guest posting is a popular method in the link building process, being the reason why it’s necessary to find top platform links with a good reputation.

Even when you find top platforms, you have to make sure that it matches these criteria:

  • Posting ideas
  • Website relevancy
  • Traffic rate
  • Website rank

You can equally get the test of websites based on your specified niche through Google or other research tools.

  • Check your website statistics

Before starting link building on your website, you should endeavor to check your website statistics through Google.

With this method, you can determine if your website has technical issues that might relate to speed or more.  Evaluating your website aids in improving your website chances of ranking higher with backlinks.

  • Use genuine link building method (White hat links)

Rather than using the forbidden method of link building known as black hat link building strategy. It is best to use the white hat link building strategy, which will include guest posting, internal linking, and affiliation.

Using the black hat link method is quick trickery and always ends up bringing issues whenever Google identifies the method. The black hat method includes paid links, Spam, plagiarized contents, and more.

  • Create a link building blogs with unique contents

Link building results takes sometimes to surface after or when implementing the strategy.

So, to fasten the process of link building aligned with SEO, blogging is importantly needed. You can start creating unique content with SEO optimize keyword strategy for an immediate result.

  • Always use quality backlinks

Having quality backlinks on your website matters a lot in improving your website in terms of ranking, visibility, and more.

You can achieve this by using backlinks only from high page authority sites.

  • Use positive Anchor texts

Anchor texts are quite important to backlinks along with SEO. It’s important to choose an anchor text relating to your website brand name, keywords, and URL.

  • Update your site backlinks profile

Your backlinks profile details always need to be up to date with accurate link building activities on the website. To achieve this, you need to start building backlinks on all the pages on your website.

Building backlinks on one page only will affect your profile and SEO campaign negatively.

  • Always use positive (LSI) keywords on contents

Always include LSI keywords on the guest posting content to increase your link building process. The LSI keywords can aid your SEO campaign strategy when used accurately.


Backlinks research takes a lot of time and is quite complex since other top news sites in Nigeria are also implementing the strategy. The competitive process can bring confusion to new users trying to expand their keyword footprint through backlinks.