Are you curious about Digital? Want to learn how you can take advantage of the internet for your career or business? Our customized, full spectrum trainings and workshops are designed for you.

Calibri Solutions Digital Marketing Basics

Digital Marketing - Basics

The journey of a 1,000 miles begin with a step. Start your Digital marketing career by learning the basics.

Grab the fundamental knowledge in our FREE trainings all over Lagos and other parts of Nigeria.

Leverage the functional experience of our facilitators to put your business on the front-line of digital success from this training.

Digital Marketing - Advanced

Want to improve your Digital Marketing know-how? The Advanced Digital Marketing training is specially designed for you.

Get access to in-depth knowledge of how to use Digital Marketing platforms to reach more of your customers online.

From strategies to tools and tactics, we show you how to win BIG with your customers.

Calibri Solutions Training
web and app development training

Online Platform Development

Love to create smart websites and mobile applications as we do? 

Join our interactive “doing” platform development trainings where you will walk away with your built-from-nothing portfolio that you can brag with.

Learn all the tips and tricks of using WordPress and other do-it-yourself online platforms that you can use to build useful professional websites from scratch in no time.